Latest gun grabber scheme

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Latest gun grabber scheme

Here's an email that a dealer I know is broadcasting to his customers, he runs a gun sales/smith and guide service out of Central Maine and does a fair amount of mail order. I don't think he'd mind if I distributed it here:


Please excuse the emails but if anyone wants to fight the ternary of anti-gun companies here are the emails or phone # of the companies causing this problems.

Infinity Data Corp. Tel - 866-746-8931 (Most Important, Please ask for Jack the Customer Relations Supervisor)

MasterCard email -

Visa -


Yesterday I when though a real dilemma. My credit card company, Infinity Data Corp, called me and said it was against MasterCard and Visa's policies to use their card to buy firearms unless the person is standing beside you and physically swipes the card themselves. No over the phone purchases are allowed. Is this true?

They took all my money from the previous day's sales and returned it back to the buyers accounts. I had already mailed the guns so now I am out $793.00 and have no guns. I have to call everyone up that I mailed the guns to a beg them to please send me a money order. Mean while I have checks bouncing all over town and my credit is going to look like crap. I could really use a hand on this one and fast.

Randall Schenk
A-1 Schenk's Gunsmithing and Guide Service


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Latest gun grabber scheme

Sue the company in small claims court unless they can produce a written policy AND prove they notified you of this outrage. You are out money and the card company is too fault.

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