Joan Ginsburg

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Joan Ginsburg

This grizzled old left wing crone actually said that sexism was the major cause for Hillary Clinton's loss to Trump. She gave no reason she thinks this or any proof. Like most of her decisions, she just "feels" that what happened. She never held such opinions when Hussein 'Ears" Bozo beat the un-indicted felon.

Also, I just read on Truth Revolt that this POS wears a particular collar with her robes when she intends to vote against a SCOTUS decision. Well, in a clearly biased and Lefist/Swine move for this minion of un-biased Justice, she wore the "dissenting" collar the day after Trump won although there was no decisions by the SCOTUS to be made. How cute!

This, folks, is part of our ethically challenged and corrupt in-justice system. We are just lucky she is so old but unlucky she has a long life span.

ps - She was born Joan Ruth Bader. Bader once meant an owner of a bath house, which is a more appropriate profession for her. It also meant barber or village quack, all of which are fitting.