Imputing Offense

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Imputing Offense

How do they follow up an idiotic rant alleging sexism and racism by an official during a tennis match between two "women of color"?

Easy! Impute racism and sexism by a cartoonist who lampooned the immature tantrum, even though he's an Australian who has no idea what they're talking about!

The link, amazingly, contains the actual cartoon. Take a look before "The Guardian" realizes its mistake.

It has always been the habit of cartoonists to exaggerate physical features, especially facial features. This apparently will end now, at least for some. The claim that the other contestant was made to look "unnecessarily white" is really confusing - how do you avoid a generic look in a tiny background figure without exaggerating features in a way which would, of course, generate more outrage?

I guess it's now P.C. that one must never ever criticize the sainted "victims", no matter how vile their behavior.

i don't usually comment on sports, but this is the worst behavior since McEnroe... and cartoonists certainly didn't spare him!