Impeachment Impediment from a Dem?

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Impeachment Impediment from a Dem?

Not everyone is onboard. This Democrat vigorously opposed the Clinton impeachment. And he's the guy who would have to lead any attempt...

From "The Atlantic": The Democrat Who Could Lead Trump's Impeachment—Or Stand in Its Wayp

His reasoning in the 90s was that nothing in the accusations against Clinton was a "high crime". If he holds to that view, it's going to be a lot harder to start an impeachment attempt - he'll be the judiciary committee chairman.

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I'd suggest if the

I'd suggest if the clintonistas want impeachment of Trump that they prepare for a milder chaos here in the US, compared to what they have given to Europe. The screw turns.

And all this BS is Obama left over crap, Hiliary was just another puppet, that couldn't walk straight.

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