Iceland Close to Eliminating All Down Syndrome

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Iceland Close to Eliminating All Down Syndrome

The 5th Column is cheering Iceland for its initiatives to eliminate all Down Syndrome births. How are they doing this....why, murdering the Down Syndrome babies, of course. Almost 100% of pregnant Icelandic women who are advised that their unborn child will have Down Syndrome abort them.

I admit I am not 100% against this measure. I have to give it some thought.

Death to end Downs

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Sounds like the Vikings have

Sounds like the Vikings have returned.

Melvin Udall
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Hey....once they identify the

Hey....once they identify the gene for yada, yada, yada and perfect a test for it, we can virtually eliminate them too.

Not that there's anything wrong with that....

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Umm they pretty much

Umm they pretty much understand the genetic cause of Down syndrome, it's a third copy of the 21st chromosome (that is, it's an error in the copying process during sperm/egg creation):

Whenever there are copying errors, they usually result in a miscarriage, but for whatever reason this particular error doesn't end that way.

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Ah, that long-dead eugenicist

Ah, that long-dead eugenicist Margaret Sanger must be proud. She founded Planned Parenthood to weed out the genetic chaff, and it's finally working. This process will be here soon. And the test to determine if you will be a free thinker will follow shortly thereafter... oh, wait! Just check the political registration of the parents!

What happened to respect for the disabled? Aren't we supposed to respect them and encourage them to achieve all they can?
Nah, easier to just kill them all!

The neo-Communists want a world that only has room for them...

Mark T. Cenci
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I recommend reading

I recommend reading "Expecting Adam" by Martha Beck.

Highly recommend.

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