How Gov't Kills Citizens' Right to Keep/Bear Arms

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How Gov't Kills Citizens' Right to Keep/Bear Arms

NO Guns allowed
By Nasser Arrabyee & Abdul-Aziz Oudah
Apr 28, 2007, 12:16

The implementation of collecting weapons will be in two stages: first, shops that sell weapons will be counted/registered; weapons classified according to type/size. All medium-sized/heavy weapons/explosives will be collected. Shops will be completely, permanently banned from buying/selling them.

Personal weapons will be counted, registered. Possession and trade in them by individuals, will be under direct supervision of security agencies. Persons wanting to possess a personal weapon must go to Ministry of Interior for a license.

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How Gov't Kills Citizens' Right to Keep/Bear Arms

This is dangerously close to fruition in the United States. We have seen a steady and methodical theft of our right to keep and bear arms since the 1960's. You hear more and more people willing to entertain the idea of banning "certain kinds" of guns, or making people get special licenses, or training from the government to have guns.

Even among so-called Conservatives, you have people saying we should ban "assault weapons" or demanding that people prove "proficiency" before being allowed to carry a gun. Such restrictions spit on the 2nd Amendment, and are simply steps in the process of disarming people.

Tom C
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How Gov't Kills Citizens' Right to Keep/Bear Arms

Time and time again we have seen restriction and registration lead to confiscation elsewhere.

Even if they might be "reasonable" the credibility of the crowd pushing them is blown - their intentions are clear.

Anyone who tells you that these are merely "reasonable" controls - and they don't want to take your guns is a bald-faced liar.

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How Gov't Kills Citizens' Right to Keep/Bear Arms

Yemen Buys Arms Off Its Civilians

Yemen buys arms off its civilians

Yemen has spent millions of dollars in recent months buying up bombs, artillery and even anti-aircraft guns from ordinary civilians as part of a crackdown in a country where arms are openly carried.

The arms bought included mortars, surface-to-air missiles, anti-tank shells, rocket-propelled grenades as well as large quantities of mines, explosives and ammunition.


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Ahh Maaaannnn.....

Why can't WE have all that FUN STUFF??!!

It ain't FAIR!!! :x

When Canada "banned" personal possession of most firearms, I read somewhere that they had "significant compliance problems" up in the Northwest Territories.

Good for them!

I would hope that whenever our overlords try it here (as they have done in places like Ill. and NJ) that at least some Americans would have the stones to be "non compliant" too. Although about the only ones who get away with that are those in remote, rural areas.

Makes me wonder what might be behind the Baldaccian "Rural cleansing" going on here in Maine over the past 15 years or so. An urban population is a controllable population. The Nazis knew that; that's why they had "Ghettos".

One of the first things they'll do is not to round up our guns; they'll round up US.
Then they'll put us in a place where they can watch us closely and control our movements and associations.
Then if we behave and meet our work quotas, we'll be allowed to live... perhaps... for a while.

The British came up with the idea of "Concentration Camps" in the 1890's when they rounded up the wives and children of the Boer rebels in Africa and systematically starved them to death.
Eventually, the tactic broke the Boer's resistance to the Empire. Don't think for a minute that the Communist Empire - or the UN (if indeed there is much of a distinction) does not know that history well.

The UN is currently stopping or has stopped any further importation of surplus guns from EU and has had German Engineers (they're good at this sort of thing, apparently) build special incinerators to burn surplus ammunition, which will no longer be available at reasonable prices to US shooters as it has been in the past. If you haven't stocked up by now (as many have been), it's probably too late.

Gee; I wonder what they'll use those incinerators for once they've burned up all the surplus ammo?
I bet they'll think of something...

Or someone...

As our "one world order" comes together under the UN, look for their well established anti-personal self defense policy to be imposed over an ever expanding realm.
And don't be surprised if the iron fist of Communism rises back up from obscurity and is at their disposal.

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I don't want to sound too critical, but...

I am highly disappointed in the way that society has evolved in my short lifetime.
I am disappointed in the crap that the educated idiots are stuffing into our children's heads five days a week while we try to ignore that there is a problem. The reward comes when we have an 16 year old kid living in our house that we don't even know anymore. I am disappointed in the hedonistic lifestyles.

I said all that to say that when apathy has run its course and the yoke of slavery is coming upon a dumbed down and slothful people, well if they had guns, they would be too lazy or apathetic to use them anyway.
We have taken the easy road since the 50s and can no longer put together a group of men like we could for WWII. Its just like in school though, if some of the kids screw up, the whole class gets punished. Bad days are ahead, but it isn't unexpected, just a natural result from the deterioration of a once great nation. All great empires fall from within before any outside forces can be successful.

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