An hour to type "G"

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An hour to type "G"

My wife and I are enrolled in Anthem for our supplemental healthcare insurance. We were already enrolled and got a nice letter from Anthem that we could save $400 if we enrolled in plan "G" instead of our plan "F". That was very nice of them. So we decided to follow their instructions and gave them a call.
Now considering that we already in their system, how long should it take to bring up the screen, type in our account number, move the cursor to the plan choice and change the letter F to the letter G ?
Been there, done that. It takes most of an hour. ( for each of us ! )
I would like to find the CEO of Anthem in a restaurant and give the "Maxine Waters treatment".

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What is the difference

What is the difference between the F and G plan, are you eligible for Medicare, and how much will you be paying for premium?

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