Is Hollywoodite Cameron Diaz helping the GOP or not?

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Is Hollywoodite Cameron Diaz helping the GOP or not?

Is CD switching her alegiance or what?Oeacle
Cameron Diaz Helps Senior PachydermCameron Diaz is in love, and not just with Justin Timberlake. She reportedly sleeps with a picture of her other love: an African elephant named Flora. Diaz has banded together with Hilary Duff, Christina Applegate, Paris Hilton and Shannon Elizabeth to help Flora retire in style. It seems the elephant has been living temporarily in the Miami Zoo. Previously she was gainfully employed in a traveling circus. The bevy of celebs has raised $70,000 but plans to raise $200,000 so that Flora can laze about in luxury at the Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald, Tenn. Do you suppose Cameron & Co. are aware which political party Flora's family symbolizes? The Left Coast Report suspects if they find out they'll be switching to finding lavish retirement homes for jackasses.