Hillary's New Book

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Hillary's New Book

Looks like Hillary had to find work since the family likely has a number of outstanding foreign debts and the demise of the Clinton Crime Foundation leaves them with a very limited income stream.

The title of her new book is, "What Happened". Apparently the title "Close but no Cigar" hit much too close to home.

Tom C
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"What the Eff Just Happened?"

Hillary, on election night: "What the Eff Just Happened?"

Mike G
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"close but no cigar" lol

"close but no cigar" lol

But she and the deep state still have the MSM working day and night to impeach Trump for "talking" to, mind you they "talked" to Russians. BUT another big "butt" the FBI cannot have access to the DNC computers, it would be laughable if it wasn't so clearly criminal.

Seth Rich still lies a molding in the grave, who could have done it?

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The truly funny part is

The truly funny part is hundreds of thousands will buy the book,because they still believe in her.I do like "Close But No Cigar",catchy.

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