Here it comes:New Federal Gun Control "Compromise"

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Virgil Kane
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Here it comes:New Federal Gun Control "Compromise"

[url=]Dingell, McCarthy, Working on 'Compromise' Gun Bill

[i]Dingell and McCarthy are two anti-gun Democrats (Gun Owners of America gives them both a grade of[/i] [color=red][b]F-[/b][/color][i]), so why is this bill being touted as a compromise??[/i]

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Here it comes:New Federal Gun Control "Compromise"

Have you read the bill? It is H.R. 297, and appears to provide money so states can update and computerize their mental and court records on protection orders. I don't think it is a bad thing to have those with mental illness and those with histories of spousal abuse protection orders in the NICS data base.

I understand the fear some have but if one keeps his nose clean and remains a law abiding citizen I don't see why it would effect gun purchases or ownership. There are those Maine citizens who have questionable backgrounds and attitudes that make the rest of the law abiding gun owners look bad and I feel if the shoe fits then wear it. I feel no pity for those who did not keep there records clean in earlier years. The way I look at it," You play, you pay!" The majority of gun owners took the initiative to stay clean so those who didn't get tp pay for their sins I guess. So be it!

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Here it comes:New Federal Gun Control "Compromise"

Won't affect us CFP holders, much. If you are fresh out of involuntary committment and looking to buy a gun, you might worry--if you are capable of it.

Look, would you worry about a database of those [i]adjudicated[/i] as CRAZY as part of getting a pilot's license or purchasing a bunch of insecticide (organophosphate)? That's PROVED, not just "in somebodies opinion in power".

Roger Ek
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Here it comes:New Federal Gun Control "Compromise"

This would preclude a lot of citizens from owning a gun. All a spouse has to do is say that the other spouse spoke harshly and first spouse is now afraid os spouse #2.

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