Health Care: False Choices prevent Real Reform

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Health Care: False Choices prevent Real Reform

I think this is the real reason healthcare reform never makes anything better...

Tom C
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This gets behind the rhetoric

This gets behind the rhetoric.

Right now, politicians on the right and left complain - but both sides are protecting the entrenched interests that are raping the middle class.

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Eh, this article isn't so

Eh, this article isn't so great.

First of all, they keep referring to the insurance industry as a "cartel", which is silly, since something like 30% of insured people are insured by their employers who self-fund (that is, the employer is so big that they take the premiums and pay the hospitals, but an insurance company does all the paperwork).

"The far more critical component? Once again, sending the bill directly to the consumer, not the insurance company. “Consumers would then be able to decide whether they want to submit the claim or negotiate with the insurer to cover a certain percentage, just like they do with auto insurance claims,” he explains. “Except now they would be negotiating from a position of strength, because they are not flying blind without prices. Watch the dominos of government-run health care fall and the heads of big-insurance lobbyists explode.”"

This is a little whack. While I've supported full price transparency (which is a good thing), having the consumer negotiate will result in higher prices for services, because they have less bargaining power than an insurer that can say, "I'll keep your MRI machine running 8 hours a day, 7 days a week, how much will you charge for 1 MRI?"

The whole point of HMOs (which, while unpopular, did in fact keep premium costs down) was that you cram a large number of patients to a limited swath of hospitals and thus are able to negotiate lower prices for services.

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Repeal Obozocare...I get that

Repeal Obozocare...I get that and agree. Replace? What? With what? Another Federal government health care program? We don't need no stinkin government health care program (A Bedoya as Gold Hat). There is health care and there is health insurance. Health insurance is a business subject to market forces as is any other business IF government keeps its slimy claws out of it. If I recall correctly, before Obozo gave us his plan via the middle finger, 15% of Americans were without health insurance. So, we f*ck up the 85% to appease the 15% - many of whom did not want insurance to begin with - so "Ears" Obozo can crow about his magnificence.

Lets get back to pre-Obozocare scenario and improve on things like negotiating drugs in SS, allowing a citizen of the US to buy his medical needs from another state, allow people to join groups for group buying power, improvoing and promoting large deductible insurance policies with greater HSA utilization. These and other measures are simple and effective. Using the Bambi meme..."Where the government goes, nothing grows."

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Insurance is a purely

Insurance is a purely socialist construct.
Share the wealth.
Share the risk.
What's the difference?

Melvin Udall
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Government bureaucracy

Government bureaucracy working with OPM compelled by law.

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Ugentoo, I think that

Ugentoo, I think that insurance is simple business much the same way gambling is in Las Vegas. I bet that I will need medical care while hoping I don't and the insurance companies bet I won't, knowing I probably will sometime. They set the house odds (premiums based on age, sex, medical history etc) to provide them with income while paying out for the sick. The more people who gamble, the more the odds are spread among the players. At least under the old operation, I was not forced to gamble if I did not want to. It is short sighted, however, not to hedge your bets and get your insurance early. That was the plan until Ears Obozo did away with the "pre-existing" condition" penalty. I think even the stupid Republicans are not going to reinstate that provision even though it is nonsense to keep it.

BTW, while the Liberal/Swine and many Republican/rectums decry the "pre-existing" clauses in insurance, they had no problem putting that provision in the great Medicare Part D giveaway. I did not enroll in Medicare part D for many years simply because I took no meds. When I did enroll last year, I was assessed a monthly penalty for each year I was eligible but did not sign up. Now my $18 premium costs me $58 because I did not get that insurance when I was first eligible.

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