Happy Anniversary: AMG is 10 Years Old This Month

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Happy Anniversary: AMG is 10 Years Old This Month

Hi -

This month, September 2008, is AsMaineGoes' 10th Anniversary! Ten years ago AMG was an email newsletter only, a place for "interactive conservative opinion in Maine." It was started by me and John Hathaway as a place where Maine conservatives could go to debate issues, post events, and get to know each another.

Looking back, it's hard to imagine when we launched the AMG web site there was only one other Maine political web site: Mary Adams's [i]The Adams Report.[/i] That's it! After AMG was online about one year I bought John Hathaway's share and I've been Owner/Editor ever since.

John Vedral of MainelyWeb.com was a key part of AMG's formative years, too. Neither Hathaway nor I knew anything about email newsletters or web sites when AMG first started, but John Vedral did. Along with hosting AMG, Vedral was a great help while I was first learning to put together and operate the AMG web site.

In ten years, mission intact, AMG attracts Mainers from all political persuasions offering/debating ideas, asking questions, posting campaign/local events, and networking with each other - more and more through AMGers who have their own blogs and web sites.

AMG gives unique news coverage and a center-right look at news of the day impacting Maine.

AMG's strength is the quality of AMGers. The ongoing care-and-feeding of AMG, however, is up to me. As the web site expands, the cost of operations grows. That's not including the time spent providing a quality AMG.

If you appreciate As Maine Goes and would like to help offset its costs - thank you. Checks or money orders can be mailed to: As Maine Goes, 511 Moosehead Trail, Dixmont, Maine 04932.

Or you can contribute online with your MasterCard, Visa, Discover, or American Express - in a secure environment - by clicking the tin cup in the left column of AMG's [url=http://www.asmainegoes.com]home page[/url]. It looks like this:


Onward and upward! As always, I welcome your ideas, comments and questions. Feel free to email me at editor@asmainegoes.com .


Scott K Fish
Editor/Owner AMG

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Happy Anniversary: AMG is 10 Years Old This Month

[size=18][color=indigo][b][i]*Happy 10th AMG Anniversary, Scott and Claudia!*[/i][/b][/color][/size]

Man O Man, when I think of the things I've learned, and the conversations I've had since finding AMG, it's purely wondrous. [u]My heartfelt thanks[/u], for such an incredible opportunity to learn, grow, and "talk" with folks I'd never otherwise meet.

Very Truly Yours,
Miss Prunelope Pimstep, Auntie Mabel, Betsy Ross....
and Naran.

Please, Folks - Ring the Tin Cup Chime for Scott - let's keep the boilers going at the AMG Headquarters this winter. I just rang my own set of AMG Chimes at the PayPal site - easy, quick, and secure.

[i][b]Thank you![/i][/b]

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$25 via snail-mail. Will send another $25 in January as usual. Maybe more as budget allows. I'm embarrassed to send so little. AMG is priceless, IMO.

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Thank you both. skf

Thank you both.


Claude Berube
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Happy Anniversary: AMG is 10 Years Old This Month

ka-chink. $50 through paypal.

Happy Anniversary and thanks for the memories...

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Happy Anniversary: AMG is 10 Years Old This Month

$25 via PayPal.

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