Governor Mills - state budget

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Governor Mills - state budget

Governor Mills has rolled out her budget for the next biennium, and she's spending every projected dime of revenue, plus surpluses left from the current budget cycle. But - she says - no tax hikes, and she isn't touching the rainy day fund.

And guess what? The usual Democrat pressure groups are whining that she isn't giving them everything they want.

Mills avoids tax hikes, boosts school aid in $8 billion spending plan hit from left and right

Republicans do the math: an 11% increase, unsustainable.

Whatever gets through the legislature will become the new budget baseline for future budgets.
Can they avoid a tax hike in the next biennium?

Melvin Udall
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$8 Billion?????

$8 Billion?????

OMFG. You're right; a giant step function to a new, unsustainable baseline.

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