With Government Shut Down, Citizens Forced To Interfere In Their Own Lives

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With Government Shut Down, Citizens Forced To Interfere In Their Own Lives

From the Babylon Bee

U.S.—With the government shutdown in effect, life has felt incomplete for many Americans. “Everything is just too easy—it’s boring,” said restaurant owner Gloria Morgan, “and I realized it’s because we’re missing an essential challenge in life: soulless bureaucrats posing arbitrary rules on us.”

One of the primary functions of the government is to ignorantly muck around in the business of others, but the shutdown has hampered that. Thus citizens have been forced to try to fill that void themselves. “Today I just suddenly decided large sodas weren’t allowed,” said Morgan. “It was an annoying, pointless obstacle the whole day—it was like the government was still around.”

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I thought the "American

I thought the "American Gothic" couple were really touching in their lying assed rebuttal last night. Rather reminiscent of the last time I went to a funeral home to make arrangements for a deceased relative. Sort of educational as well as it provided a look at what necrotic three year olds might look & act like.

This afternoon proved to simply be more of the same. Bring nothing to the table but deceitful accusations & insults. I would reiterate that ms schumer & the plastic woman fully intend to do to Trump what was done to Bush 41 by George Mitchell. That being doing anything to create a situation where they can say he didn't keep his word. Trump will soon be certain that it is like trying to teach pigs to sing, and he would without doubt have a better chance with the more common variety of pigs.

Melvin Udall
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“Next to enjoying ourselves,

“Next to enjoying ourselves, the next greatest pleasure consists in preventing others from enjoying themselves…love of power does far more harm than love of drink or any of the other vices…In virtuous people love of power camouflages itself as love of doing good…Moral indignation is one of the most harmful forces in the modern world, the more so as it can always be diverted to sinister uses by those who control propaganda.” -Bertrand Russell

"The Real Reason They Hate Trump; He's the average American in exaggerated form--blunt, simple, willing to fight, mistrustful of intellectuals." - David Gelertner, WSJ

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Excellent, Mr. Udall.

Excellent, Mr. Udall.

Straight to the heart of the situation.

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Who knew what a nuisance the

Who knew what a nuisance the federal government is in the operation of a brewery?
Labels have to be approved before a new product can be bottled and sold.
Permits need to be issued before sales across state lines.
Our Senators need to get these foolish anti-productive regulations rolled back, shutdown or no shutdown.

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