Gov. B on Tax Reform Plan: Pop Goes the Weasel

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Gov. B on Tax Reform Plan: Pop Goes the Weasel

NOTE: This item posted for discussion on page 5 of an ongoing thread:

[i]Editor's Note: True to form, Gov. B releases a tax reform proposal statement that means whatever readers want it to mean. File Under: Weasel.[/i]

Governor's Statement on Tax Reform Proposal
June 12, 2007
Governor's Office


AUGUSTA "“ Governor John E. Baldacci released the following statement tonight following a meeting with Democratic leadership from the House and Senate.

"I've gone through the details of the proposal with my staff and experts from Maine Revenue Services, and I've had two encouraging and productive meetings with legislative leaders," Governor Baldacci said. "I still have concerns about the proposal, but I believe that we can all work together to build a plan that will provide real income tax relief while also gaining bipartisan support."