The google thing

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The google thing

Not sure if any of you have been following, but a google employee was fired because he wrote a 10 page (internal) essay about gender issues that went viral and was leaked to the media.

Here's the complete essay:

Here is an interview with him:

The guy's response:

If you read the essay, he's clearly not being antagonistic, he's actually being the typical logical, overly analytical, borderline-Asperger's-syndrome nerd we come to expect from google.

I can understand why the company bowed to the pressure (was a PR nightmare) but I think they did the wrong thing. He may have state some naive things in his essay about google policy but, again, he was not being antagonistic about it. Firing him sends a really bad message.

They should have said, "we're temporarily suspending him pending a full review," and then taken 2 months to review the case. By then, the media junkies will have moved onto the next shiny object and then they could make a judgement without the full weight of the entire liberal bubble watching over their shoulder.

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Google's co-founder is a

Google's co-founder is a Russian. Given their pervasive intrusion into the cyberworld of nearly everyone on the globe, I would think a major investigation is in order.

Suppose the Russkis use Google as a secret tunnel into every presidential candidates servers?

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Not every presidential

Not every presidential candidate is as careless and clueless as some.

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