The Five-Headed Hydra of the NWO?

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The Five-Headed Hydra of the NWO?

The Five Eyes allies are demanding access or back doors to end to end encryption of private information. Interestingly, three of the five members have had players involved in the ongoing, for years now, attempt by the likes of many of our alleged security and intelligence agencies to void the results of the 2016 elections. It seems idiotic to think that the scope of the matter ends with the likes of Brennan, Mueller, and Obama. Demands for information have come unceasingly from the left, while legal demands for congressional oversight have been illegally ignored, just as have any of the many crimes not attacking the administration. One-sided would be the charitable definition of their actions that include collusion with the local police to steer right-wingers right into the arms of waiting Antifa rioters. How about those FISA warrant hearings? Oh, wait there really weren't any..... No wonder they are so reluctant to release information. Feeling really protected from government abuse yet?

If this is good just think how well-protected we would be by opening the door to FIVE countries, the US,UK, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand into the mix to be corrupted and used to further debase the Republic. Canada and New Zealand are the only ones to have not, yet at least, to have had players involved in the farcical "dossier" which Adam Schitt made such a horse's ass of himself over. None of the screaming whores will verify it, but they sure as hell want to use it. We hear Russia Russia Russia, while it becomes increasingly evident that the hildebeast's illegal server, which was used for communication with the then pseudo president, was hacked by CHINA end-to-end. Where were all of these "safeguards" from all of our alleged security agencies we pay so dearly for? Out to lunch with the "security" protecting our ambassador in Benghazi? You remember, the one they left to be murdered.

A little more international "help" may be a little more than we can survive. Trust? A good many of the great unwashed don't trust the Catholic Church, so trusting foreign bureaucrats having been betrayed by ours must be a really brilliant idea. After all, the UN, a prime case in point, has been such a stunning success-for about everyone other than the US. Their participation in what increasingly is becoming a matter of tax-payer supported outright sedition is hardly needed. We are already all stocked up on duplicitous social mutants within the ranks of our own government, thanks anyway.