AMG Quick-Read Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If there's a question you don't see please email your question to AMG's editor. You can also send me a Private Message (PM) if you're a registered AMG member. I will answer all emails and PM's as soon as I can. Thank you!

* What is AMG?
* AMG's Anonymity Policy
* AMG "Fair Use" Posting Policy
* Use of profanity on AMG
* Set Up Your Own Thread Guidelines
* AMG's 'Post Reply' Buttons: Best Use Tips
* The Care & Feeding of Duplicate Threads
* AMG Political Candidate/Issue/Event Posting Policy
* Posting of Fundraising Events
* Using AMG's Private Messaging
* Posting Conspiracy Theories
* How to Post Pictures from the Internet
* Facebook, Twitter "Like" Buttons on AMG
* How to Embed a YouTube Video

What Is AMG?

AMG was born in 1998 to promote interactive conservative opinion in Maine.

Today, mission intact, AMG attracts Mainers from many political persuasions offering/debating ideas, asking questions, letting us know of local events, campaign news, and networking with each other.

AMG's Anonymity Policy

Anonymity is protected on As Maine Goes. Any AMGer who gives a public positive identification of any other AMGer without that AMGer's knowledge and consent will be banned from AMG for life. No parole. No appeals.

AMG Fair Use Posting Policy

If you own the copyright - you can post an entire article. If you have permission from the copyright owner - you can post an entire article. (Please post the fact that you have permission.) Otherwise, fair use of posting copyrighted material on AMG is limited to up to 75 words total plus a link to the original source. Example: You can post a news report headline, byline, 75 words total of the body of text, link to the original source.

Any posting outside of AMG's fair use policy will be deleted.

Use of Profanity on AMG

Profanity is unwelcome on AMG. Once profanity is introduced into a thread, the language in the thread becomes a quick race to the bottom. Use of profanity can get you bounced from AMG. That includes clearly ID'd profanity poorly disguised with asterisks (*) or similar marks. Please find a better way to express your opinion.

Set Up Your Own Thread Guidelines

AMG threads tend to ebb-and-flow as conversations. Sometimes AMGers want to confine replies to their threads to specific areas. Fine! Here’s how: Let’s say you’d like ideas on expanding your Republican town committee. You start a new thread with, “I’d like new ideas on expanding my GOP town committee.” You would then add guidelines in your opening post, i.e. “Please, I’m only interested in hearing legit ideas in direct answer to my question. Thank you.”

AMGers are expected to honor your request. You may politely remind them, if they forget.

AMG's 'Post Reply' Buttons: Best Use Tips

Every AMG thread has two reply button:

* The "Post Reply" button at the top and bottom of every thread (left side)

* The "Reply" button in the lower right corner of your posts in any AMG thread.

The best reply button, hands down, is the "Post Reply" button. Using it enables registered AMGers to edit their posts.

The Care & Feeding of Duplicate Threads

Duplicate threads make it harder to keep needed detail, history and information on various issues in one place, in chronological order. AMG suggests the following before you post a new thread:

1) Scan the Public Square to see if someone has already posted on the subject/topic. Use the "Search" function on the right side of your screen, and enter a few key words from your subject. See what comes up.

2) If you’re in the clear and no one has posted your thread - post away!

4) If a thread on your subject does exist already, please see if you can add your post to the existing thread.

AMG Political Candidate/Issue/Event Posting Policy

If you or your campaign are paying for advertising on AMG you can post campaign fundraising announcements on "The Public Square" and other AMG forums. If you are NOT a paid AMG advertiser - NO fundraising or for fee event posts without prior permission from the Managing Editor.

Political candidates/Issue campaigns are welcome to use AMG’s The Public Square to communicate with AMG’s users/readers by registering to post your own.

Unregistered candidates/political entities can still email campaign releases to AMG. I can only promise to post them if/when I have time. AMG was set up as a bulletin board to eliminate the middle man - me!

AMG is not a place to bore the socks off people, post the same thing endless times, baffle with b.s., or to be a pest in search of free publicity.

Posting of Fundraising Events

AMG will always consider the posting of good cause fundraising events. Please ask before posting about such events.

Using AMG's Private Messaging

AMG has an in-house email system called Private Messaging (PM). It is optional. It allows registered AMG users to send messages to each other in private. It is presumed PM's will remain private. If you would like to post in public a PM in whole or in part - first ask the PM sender if it's okay. If the PM sender says no - please don't post the PM in public.

Posting Conspiracy Theories

Don't. There are many web sites for posts on conspiracy theories. AMG is NOT one of them.

To Post a Picture from the Internet:

Open the REPLY thingy.

Click on the PHOTO icon directly beneath *COMMENT. (The icon is the first one on your left.)


That will open a small window. Put the URL in to the right of the IMAGE URL label.


Make sure that the WIDTH box on the next line is less than 425. (You can leave the second box, HEIGHT) blank and it will self-adjust.)

Click on the OK button at the bottom of that small window.

That will put a line of code in that looks like this:

And then you can finish your reply.

***Uploading a picture from your computer is too complicated to even try to walk you through here, so I suggest you upload it to PhotoBucket or somewhere and link from there.

Facebook/Twitter "Like" Buttons on AMG

You can add any AMG thread to your Facebook and/or Twitter pages with the click of a button. The buttons I have in mind are at the bottom left of every AMG thread.


How to Embed a YouTube Video

Embedding YouTube videos on AMG is fine. Please make sure the width of the YouTube video is no more than "425." There are two places in every YouTube embed code for width measurements. I've boldened them in the pic below.

No matter what the original width measurements in your YouTube embed code, change them to "425" or less. Don't worry about the "height" measurements.

Using the "425" keeps the YouTube videos from bleeding over the right side of AMG threads.