Ethanol the Farce Expense & Damage

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Ethanol the Farce Expense & Damage

For years we have endured damaged engines, needless expense, farcical claims of saving polar bears & melting glaciers, and load upon load of rhetorical manure from bureaucrats and asinine pols, none of whom would know a sparkplug from and earplug. After a good deal of foot-dragging the latest report on this eco-hustle defines what we really got from all the added expenses, fried engines, damaged fuel lines & buying "the blue stuff", that of course again being screwed by K Street ag reps and their whores in congress & the bureaucracy. Were it not for history continuing to be repetitious there might be some hope of correcting this fiasco in spite of it now being so entrenched. Our current Barnum Bailey school of governance, dishonesty and arrogance I'm afraid will likely preclude that however.