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Nineteen-mile-wide crater is discovered under Greenland's ice: Kilometre-wide iron meteor smashed into Earth with the force of 47 MILLION Hiroshima bombs just 12,000 years ago


Among other things, the reporting seems to suggest that the Greenland ice sheet hasn't always been there. Further, the article fails to make any connection to 'man caused' or, more specifically, white, Republican Trump supporter caused . . anything.

That's OK, though. they still have the Polar Bear's imminent extinction to hang around our necks:

Polar bear numbers are so HIGH they threaten native Inuit populations, claims controversial Canadian government report bitterly contested by environmentalists who have made creature the icon of global warming


" . . For example just a few months ago footage emerged of a polar bear prowling around on thin ice in the Nunavut territory in the northernmost region in Canada.

Wildlife experts said that the photos showed how the polar bears' habitat is coming under threat due to human-induced global warming.

However, a new report, drafted by the Nunavut government completely contracts these widely-held claims about declining populations.

The draft report, which is set to be published by the end of this year, claims that polar bear populations are much higher than scientists estimated - and are actually increasing . . "

See? Settled.

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Meanwhile here in western

Meanwhile here in western Maine we’ve had four measurable snow storms this fall with a fifth on the way Friday...I have 6 inches of snow in my yard and it is presently a balmy 11 degrees......The earth has a FEVAH!!!!

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