Don't Know Much About History . . Geology . . Vulcanology

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Don't Know Much About History . . Geology . . Vulcanology

NASA's incredible plan to save humanity from Yellowstone supervolcano: 'Risky' plan to COOL magma by pumping in water (but it could trigger an eruption instead of preventing one)


Save humanity? Dammit; that might include me. How will this effect my data rate?

Yellowstone Supervolcano Could Power Electric Cars of the Future


" . . Electric cars and smartphones of the future could be powered by supervolcanoes like Yellowstone after scientists discovered that ancient deposits within them contain huge reservoirs of lithium—a chemical element used to make lithium-ore batteries, supplies of which are increasingly dwindling."

Cool! After the Clintons sold out we taxpayers and all U.S. interests in known, rare earth mineral deposits to the Chi-Coms, NASA mounts up to lead our Cavalry to victory. Sure . . there could be a risk . .

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Afghanistan has immense

Afghanistan has immense deposits of rare earth minerals. Makes the pegmatite deposits of Maine look puny. That may be one reason we stay there.

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