Dodgey column: No grumble here

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Dodgey column: No grumble here

It might worry some of you who have been reading my comments and blog over the years that I am managing to write two columns on the trot that are not full or angst and ire. For this I apologise. I would be amiss if I did not express some of the sentiments I have been hearing from my guests at last month's wedding of mine on Ocean Point in East Boothbay. Even the weather co-operated on the day. which considering the previous day's weather was quite impressive.

Now back in the UK I continue to hear comments, both from our guests and those that have heard about it, about how much our guest enjoyed Maine and Freeport. What seems to have struck many is the fact that everyone they encountered once they got to Maine was so nice and kind. Alright those who visited Abercrombie & Fitch were treated badly, but it seems to be part of the staff's training to be as rude as possible.

Whether its the drivers on Concord Trailways or the room staff at the Harrasekett they were all treated wonderfully. I don't think people who live in Maine really appreciate how good Mainers are with tourists and how much it contrasts with even a certain large to city to its south. Now in the UK the main problem is the influx of Eastern Europeans who don't seem to understand the concept of being friendly or the fact the customer always comes first.

I want to use this column to thank Scott & AMG for the resource it has provided for both my guests and I. I would like to thank Charlie for his excellent golf shirts for my wedding shoot. They were so well made and classy that my father has even found himself able to wear them. I came up with the idea and they were done properly no fuss at all.

Custom Coach did a wonderful job with the bus and two cars we needed to shuttle all of us to Ocean Point and back. The coach driver even managed to resist the calls, from locals, to speed up over thrill hill on the Ocean Point Road. Wild Oats Bakery provided a great cake, Bob Mitchell's photographs continue to amaze (we have something like 450 of them) and Larry from Rainbow Productions with his team did a great job of compeering the event and spinning the tunes. Our champagne pre-dinner drinks were accompanied by the Mercy jazz band, who were good enough to impress the older set with their cool sounds. Gritty's were there usual quality whenever we went there no matter the weather.

And last, but not least, is the amazing Harrasekett Inn in Freeport. They were above and beyond what one would expect and continued to amaze our guests and the wedding party with their attention to detail and sense of service. The food was amazing, the rooms were excellent and their bartenders were patient with a bunch of hard-drinking Brits. How they kept up with out consumption of Hampshire Special Ale is beyond me.

Not that its in Maine, but even the honeymoon resort in Cancun was excellent despite Tropical Storm Barry forming off the coast.

Those of you who care to see our wedding blog can find it here. Expect continuing posting of the myriad of photos and video that was taken at the wedding. (As far as I can tell everyone was armed with at least one camera, even before we handed disposable ones out).

Ok, got that out of my system. Next time its back to angst and irritability for me. Thanks for reading.