DNC computers under inspection again...

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DNC computers under inspection again...

Thanks to Mueller, the DNC computers get examined again...


Tom C
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Debbie Wasserman Schultz
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I've been following this for

I've been following this for months on other sites.
The whole fam damily was in on it and they should never have been allowed back to Paki.
If mainstream media was doing it's job, they would all be locked up, but the do-no-wrong dems get a pass.

Bruce Libby
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In the end this is one Shultz

In the end this is one Shultz who cannot say , "I know nothing" !
W/out it being a complete lie ! Will the love of HRC be enough to offse the allure of immunity ?

Mike G
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Another Washington Post lie

Another Washington Post lie that somehow someone besides DNC operatives looked st the DNC servers.

The servers should have been seized and examined by the FBI, but no, politics and powers intervened and now you have the vote for sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea. A vote that clearly benefits the military industrial powers and brain dead senators and congresscritters as they lead us into bigger and better wars.

The business of America is WAR and we just might find that business isn't what its knocked up to be.

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I understand that Medusa

I understand that Medusa Schultz has been near apoplectic since the computers were seized. She has prior to this made threats to the police about the return of materials, as well as the death of a DNC staffer. There is something to the old saying that you can tell when you are over the target when the flak gets heavy. Seems like we are about there, and IF it all comes out it will not be pretty. It seems very apparent that there has been collusion-between Medusa and the guy who was headed out of the country. No Russians apparently though-that's Podesta & the Hildebeast territory. She did not terminate him until about the time of his arrest at the airport in spite of clearances being revoked and pending indictments for bank fraud if I recall correctly.


And he continues to liquidate assets............


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