Could Butter Be The Answer?

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Could Butter Be The Answer?

An interesting use of statistics to show that butter users are happy people.
I know that the endorphins come swirling in when I bite into a hot biscuit slathered with soft Houlton Farms butter.
I fondly recall my Grandfather scooping a tablespoon full of butter onto a molasses cookie, handing it to me as he put two scoops on his.
As a kid, I would sneak out on the porch where Mom stored the big bowl of butter the neighbors churned, carrying a spoon to sample the golden goodness.
She was "buying in bulk" before the term was invented

Countries with more butter have happier citizens

Butter supply and life satisfaction are linked — but by causation or correlation?

•Haiti and other countries with low butter supply report low life satisfaction.
•The reverse is true for countries such as Germany, which score high in both categories.
•As the graph below shows, a curious pattern emerges across the globe. But is it causation or correlation?


"Give me a good sharp knife and a good sharp cheese, and I'm a happy man". Perhaps not a quote you'd expect from the creative mind behind Game of Thrones, but maybe George R.R. Martin is onto something.

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Yes, butter is the answer.

Yes, butter is the answer. It even makes veggies palatable. Remember..."Butter in the Batter makes the Batter Better"

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Is this perhaps listed in the

Is this perhaps listed in the Journal of Irreproducible Results? Sounds like their cup of tea... with something heavily buttered on the side!

Lots of so-called science around, trying to conflate coincidence, correlation, and causation. Just because something happened doesn't mean something that happened to be nearby caused it... you have to prove that. And, for the record, polls prove nothing... not even polls of "experts" or "scientists". There's a fallacy for that...

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Either way, if I have a

Either way, if I have a choice between having a butter sandwich and shooting up the local gun free zone, I'll take the sammy any time.

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Fresh bread and butter,

Fresh bread and butter, perhaps also as a sammich with mashed potato in between!

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Did you ever here the Andrew

Did you ever hear the Andrew Dice Clay monologue about picking up the really fat girl? He tempted her with candy kisses then had to butter her hips to get her through the apartment door........yup probably better with butter.

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I like lobster...probably

I like lobster...probably because of the butter.

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