Cops Shootings Selves in the Foot

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Cops Shootings Selves in the Foot

With law enforcement coming under increased criticism - some of which is deserved - how in the hell can the idiot cops in Las Vegas refuse to release documents about the Las Vegas mass shooting. They said they might release the data for $500,000 from the news papers. Hey, LEO nimrods...this is public information already paid for by the public. It seems that they are hiding something and even with a judge's order have not released the data.

Is it me or do we have rampant insurrection in full form in America. Congress is continually getting the finger from Federal employees they subpoena. The heads of our Federal agencies cannot fire incredibly bad employees and cannot even question them on anything. The DOJ refuses to investigate crimes or enforce laws on the books. Cities and States refuse to comply with Federal immigration laws. Cops refuse to track down illegal aliens in our cities.

Not good....

To paraphrase a title from another post, Vegas cops are leading from their behind.....

Vegas Cop Leaders are jerks