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Committee of Safety

Today is the 242nd anniversary of the founding if the US Navy. However, before the Continental Congress got around to founding our Navy, the Machias Committee of Safety fought the first Battle of Machias Bay.Two schooners, the Unity and the Polly, owned by a merchant out of Boston, used to carry food to Machias and return with lumber.

Following the defeat of the kings army at Lexington andConcord, the British decided that merchant ships should be escorted to protect the cargoes. The sloop Margaretta, commanded by the admiral's relative, Midshipman James Moore sailed into Machias Bay with the merchants two schooners. The committee of safety not only resented this military intrusion, they saw it as an opportunity to seize a British war ship. The battle went on and off for two days and the Machias men were better sailors than the British. We did seize the Margaretta.

The Macias fleet soon grew to four ships which harassed British ships all along the Maine coast. Never mess with a Maine Committee of Safety.

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Remarkable. In 1976 I went

Remarkable. In 1976 I went to sea on a submarine. I reported for duty on the same day as a shiny, new Lt (jg) and we introduced ourselves while waiting for the ship to tie up. When he heard I was from Maine, he responded 'Ha! The birthplace of the US Navy!' In my naivety, I assumed his was a reference to BIW. He told me the Machias story, adding that it wasn't well known, even in the fleet unless you attended Annapolis and happened to have a particular professor.

I hadn't given it a second thought until Mr. Ek posted this. I took a look around and there isn't much info but it's out THERE.

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