Catholic Charities

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Catholic Charities

I have been getting periodic emails to contribute to the Catholic Charities (CC) program intended to help the poor. Not knowing too much about who they help, how and why, I looked around. I also heard they are a leading group in funding illegal aliens in America.

While a simple search of Catholic Charities erupts in all kinds of advertising for them (how can they afford this) and almost no evaluation of the CC goals, methods and political imperatives. The link below is to an old ( 9 years) lengthy article which takes the position that the CC's have forsaken its religious purpose to help the needy and, more importantly, provide them with the guidance to change the behaviors which brings crime and poverty... namely lake of ethics, purpose, self reliance and taking responsibility for one's own life. The CC is, per the article, nothing more than a governmental agency who is funded by the government (which demanded we give up our tax money for this) and now espouse socialist/big government solutions. I suspect it has gotten worse since the article was published. Their new Pope seems to be in lock step with the big government, Socialist philosophy.

A search for the CC position on illegal immigrants is just as depressing. They see no difference in immigrants and criminal illegal immigrants. They want to change border laws, erase immigration requirements and let everyone in who wants o come here.

Oh, the head of Catholic Charities USA makes nearly $1 million per year.

Think twice before donating and do some research.

Catholic Charities have lost their way