Build That Wall - Look at San Diego as example.

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Build That Wall - Look at San Diego as example.

The link below is to a video that illustrates how San Diego saved itself, lowered its crime rate by 2/3rds,improved their community and helped Mexico by building an anti Illegal Alien wall way back in 1986!!!

Four take-aways from this "under-reported"story....

1.This wall has been protecting Americans for over 30 years and it works...and works very well.
2. How can the Leftists continue with their inane position on the wall once the facts are known?
3. This shows how incredibly stupid the Republicans are. Here is the perfect example of the use and effectiveness of the wall but....not a peep from the Republican dopes in America.
4. The 5th Column media has successfully hidden this story for their own Leftist agenda.

Good Walls Make Good Friends