Black Market Flu Vaccine

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Black Market Flu Vaccine

The article regarding the released flu vaccine sitting in warehouses that could be sold on the black market apparently was in the SF Chronicle. It is available by doing a Google : SF Gate,Chiron,Norman Baylor. If you can't get it ( it might get pulled ) you can get it by going to [url=][/url] and clicking on the Archives in the left side menu. There is a new article there from Sabin Russell who broke the story on the millions of vaccine warehoused prior to the Chiron debacle, not to mention the problem with Chiron in general.
You will also find the bio there of the acting FDA Commissioner Lester Crawford, who is a veterinarian, not an MD.
For those who missed Tommy Thompson, he stated in news reports that last year's flu deaths were 91% people over the age of 65. He is now pushing the pneumococcal pneumonia vaccine, perhaps because the CDC figures on true flu deaths have been finally researched by the public.
1999 - 1665
2000 - 1765
2001 - 257
2002- 753Also, no one seems to be mentioning that the vaccine comes from the prior year's flu virus or whatever flu virus they decide to manufacture. You could get several strains during the season.