Birthright Citizenship

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Birthright Citizenship

This silly and dumb debate goes on. The article linked below claims that children born in America of illegal aliens are NOT entitled to citizenship. They also claim that the Civil Rights Act of 1866 and the 14th Amendment are clear on the his interpretation. I agree but the problem is, the Act and the Amendment are useless to determine what the law is. It is infuriating that the Constitution was amended and laws were enacted which are vague, unclear, ambiguous and open to interpretation. I contend that a law which is non-understandable is not a proper law and should be rescinded. How many times have State laws been overturned for being "too broad", non-specific", "unenforceable" ...etc. If you cannot tell me with certainty what a law means and how to enforce it, it must go.

Baby tyranny

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But but can we

But but can we have living documents open to judicial interpretation if we play by your rules? /sarc

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