Bangor Daily Post paywall is up...

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Bangor Daily Post paywall is up...

This will be really interesting to see. Who will pay for abysmal state and local news, and why bother with the Bangor Daily when you can just subscribe to the Post?
I have no idea how many people work at the BDN now, but I think their hard times are just starting.

I rarely enjoy another's misfortune, but with the BDN I'll revel in it.

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This, the day after NYT CEO

This, the day after NYT CEO says print has 10 more years, tops. If you can't make it digitally, you can't make it.

PPH allows 5 free articles, BDN allows 10. Between them (and they're pretty close to duplicates) they might generate 15 articles that can't easily be found elsewhere.

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