Are you poor?

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Are you poor?

I read a lot about welfare reform ideas. "Benefits are too generous!" "Shorten the time limit!" "Enforce work requirements!"

Nearly everything I read makes assumptions about how people in poverty react to government programs. How motivated are they to work? How much do they understand the nuances of welfare policies, and do they deliberately adjust their earnings to remain eligible for benefits? Do they have more children simply to maximize their government handout?

Whenever I read such claims, I always wonder whether the author has himself experienced poverty. Does he understand what it's like to choose between food and heating? Has he appealed to welfare programs for help? I've lived in poverty, and most of the attacks on the poor describing them as calculating, conniving leeches are absolute nonsense (at least from my limited experience).

It seems to me that a good deal of commentary on welfare--from all sides, by the way--lacks empathy and realism.

Bruce Libby
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Your casting a broad net

Your casting a broad net here .If one considers the conversations etc. you hear or read are probably related to peoples' reaction to the
expectation that one must display the emotions etc. .Many have experienced things and overcome them. Maybe we should champion them instead of
understanding the thing requiring empathy.
A sad reality we have been required to have empathy on poverty since the 1960's. There are limits that individual can tolerate. Yes,many views are unrealistic
biased etc.. When I stand in a check outline purchasing a bottle of 1/2and 1/2 that has taken a $,30 price jump in a week and I am behind a person using an EBT card and paying cash for a $6.00 pkg. of cigarettes my empathy is really limited.
You wonder about the author , maybe he or she is wearing their success as a badge that is kept close to themselves.

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I'm glad you brought that up,

I'm glad you brought that up, Bruce. Seeing someone misuse an EBT card or Food Stamps is extremely aggravating, especially when you work hard to pay the taxes used to fund such programs. But how widespread is the abuse? How many poor people are unfairly vilified when we jump to conclusions?

According to research I've read, abuse and fraud in most welfare programs (with the notable exception of Medicaid, which is a total shit-show) is actually quite low--like, 1-3 percent of total expenditures.

Bruce Libby
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What percentage is acceptable

What percentage is acceptable to you ?

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We offered an NH employee an

We offered an NH employee an opportunity for advancement into a salaried position with benefits .After weighing all of the pros and cons they turned the job down ,because as an entry level position her benefits from the state were more......they declined the opportunity to advance and eventually make more money because of the immediate loss of ALL benefits
I have had others turn down raises because it would affect or negate their benefits from the state.....
Does this make them bad people ? Not in my estimation rather it points to a system that penalizes effort by not having a prorated for those trying to better themselves ... a system that essentially keeps them trapped.

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Reading the above posts, it

Reading the above posts, it becomes obvious; some people are poor because it is to their financial advantage.
I have cut down on my support to the local food bank because the people who get the free food drive a better car than I do.
The poorer you are, the more dogs you have.
The new dish antenna costs more than the mobilhome did originally
I know of a guy that convinced the military he couldn't work, so he gets $60,000+, a year free money plus other benefits and now has a new GMC pickup and says he is going to buy a plow and do driveways. In the mean time , he works and gets paid cash. The family does not save a dime.

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DisPas: You must define poor

DisPas: You must define poor as regards the context in which you use it. According to Webster a synonym of poor is needy. There are needy in the U. S. in that they have no job or money in which to buy life's essentials. There is however a vast welfare system both public and private that sates those needs and these systems go out of their way to find the needy and see to their needs. In other countries, Somalia, Eritrea, Sudan, Myanmar and many others, there are needy and no mechanism or system in place to see to these needs and these people are either stealing, fighting with their own government who disproportionately distributes the country's wealth or, migrating to where their needs can be filled. This condition will eventually come to the U. S. when the money the welfare system supplies is insufficient to purchase the basic needs of its society. It will start when the population reaches 600 million that is projected to occur late in this century. Still want to allow immigration?

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There are worse things in the

There are worse things in the world than being poor. We grew up poor, and by the ages of 8 or 10 the concept of a quality work ethic had already been formed. Today, despite having near a six figure annual income, I still cannot afford the $400+ a month prescription the doctor suggests I should take because my gold anthem bc/bs plan won't pay for anything until I'm another $6000 out of pocket. All for the low price of $1500 a month. As a self-employed citizen, I get to send double SSI taxes to the government. Plus another 8.5% to match my employees contributions. 17%. Thank God I moved to NH. The state would want another 7% (because I'm theoretically rich) and then 5.5% of what I buy. (less food... Yahooooo...)

America and Mainers aren't against welfare, they're against systematic welfare, fraud and abuse.

We're not against immigration, but we want people who are willing to work. The social safety net is too big.

Our parents, grandparents and great grandparents came here... to work. America used to represent

There are too many wagon riders and not enough wagon pullers and they wonder why people are fed up with politics as usual.

Drain the swamp... At every level. Federal, State, County and Municipal.

We got to all start at the local level and work our way up. It won't work the other way.

Mike G
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Yes poorer than the CS that

Yes poorer than the CS that have kept interests rates at zero for a decade, at some point I look forward to watching others hanging them from lamp posts and invading their homes and taking their criminal assets for themselves. Anyone that doesn't understand that we are suffering under a neofeudal society has their head up their ass.

F the elite and tear them down, that includes Trump apparently.

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