Are we a country of law and order or are we not?

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Are we a country of law and order or are we not?

What If She Lied?

What if former FBI Agent/Lawyer and #NeverTrump Monica McClean knew for many years that her BFF Christine Blasey Ford attended the same high school as Judge Brett Kavanaugh, be it a few years apart, with little if any contact between one and other, but never the less; the two old friends got together and through many hours of - leave this in our story, take that out - concocted their entire groping story, as they sat on the beach in Rehoboth Beach, MD from July 30th through August 7th 2018?

What ifMcClean told Ford that she has many friends in DC who could minimize her being exposed, as she offered legal assistance in writing the letter, which would in turn be sent to DiFi on the Senate Judiciary Committee, who had already been informed that the letter was on its way, with an attorney prepared to represent her, if needed, that is. Feinstein’s eleventh hour hand-crafted-grenade was staged and the pin-was-ready-to-be-pulled, with the goal of creating enough negative pressure so that the nominee would resign?

If DOJ Jeff Sessions does not convene a grand jury to investigate this we won nothing, but rather lost our Constitutional rights of being innocent until proven guilty