Any News on Waterville Mayor LePage's Race?

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Any News on Waterville Mayor LePage's Race?


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Any News on Waterville Mayor LePage's Race?

[quote][b]Waterville results; LePage re-elected Mayor[/b]

[i]By Amy Calder Morning Sentinel Staff Writer[/i]
November 04, 2008 11:35 PM

WATERVILLE -- Mayor Paul R. LePage prevailed against opponent Rosemary J. Winslow for his seat in Tuesday's election, garnering 3,611 votes to her 3,423.

LePage, 60, is a Republican mayor in a predominantly Democratic city. During his campaign, he touted his economic and financial expertise as a reason he should be re-elected. He has served as mayor five years and, prior to that, was a city councilor representing Ward 1 for four years. He is general manager for Marden's Surplus & Salvage stores, statewide.[/quote]

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That's 51.34% for LePage to 48.66% for Winslow.

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