Any info on today's Tax+Appro Comm hearing?

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Any info on today's Tax+Appro Comm hearing?

Just curious to hear about this after receiving an email that said in part - [i]" .. that Department of Conservation (DOC) will be asking the Legislature's Taxation and Appropriations Committee to increase UT landowner's taxable rate for funding to secure 2-3 assistant positions at DOC.
Reportedly, the request will be for an amount to the tune of $250,000, and will be made on Wednesday afternoon, March 18 (tomorrow).
This request will be made directly to the Appropriations & Taxation Committees with no opportunity for a public hearing.
This process is all happening within the guise of the budget process- as a proposed amendment to the Biennial Budget in front of the Appropriations Committee, LD 353." [/i]

Anyone know what took place?