Anti-Gun Legislation Voted Down by Senate

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Anti-Gun Legislation Voted Down by Senate

This doesn't seem to have made the MSM yet, but the NRA has sent out an announcement:

Anti-Gun Legislation Voted Down by Senate

Friday, June 16, 2017

Today, the Maine Senate voted to not accept the committee report of “ought to pass” on Legislative Document 351 with a 25-10 vote. Further, they postponed their vote on Legislative Document 988 until next week. It is vital that you contact your state Senator to SUPPORT LD 988!

Legislative Document 988 ( would provide an important exemption for the possession of a firearm in a motor vehicle on public school property, or the property of an approved private school, while dropping off, or picking up, a student. This legislation would protect law-abiding gun owners from inadvertently violating the law while dropping-off and picking-up their children from school.



BTW, the ten (10) Senators whom supported that anti-gun bill:

KATZ of Kennebec
BREEN of Cumberland
CARSON of Cumberland
CHIPMAN of Cumberland
DION of Cumberland
LIBBY of Androscoggin
MILLETT of Cumberland
VITELLI of Sagadahoc

The full Rollcall Details for the Senate vote on LD 351 are posted at