Another Massacre Averted??

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Another Massacre Averted??

An illegal alien was arrested in Indianapolis after he booked a hotel room overlooking the Women's' March route. He has an AR-15 style rifle with a bump stock an scope. I am not sure but if you read this story it appears that our law enforcement folk screwed up again. Here is an illegal alien with an unlicensed assault style rifle and another gun, checking into a hotel over looking an area where lots of people would be. He was kicked out of the hotel and let go free.???

There was in an altercation days after he was escorted from the hotel where he assaulted and threatened to kill a couple of people over a tire change. Only then did they find out he was illegal, had illegal guns.

Can our legal system be so inept?

Has this been in the news anywhere????

Whack-O from Tunisia