Angry Voters Use Internet or Are Voters Just Angry?

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Angry Voters Use Internet or Are Voters Just Angry?

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[i]Editor's Note: The NY Times, IMO, is suggesting only angry voters are using the internet for political purposes. Nonsense. Voters more and more are discovering the internet as a communications tool - period! Voters are angry at this lame brain immigration bill. These are not citizens who should be pigeon-holed and dismissed![/i]

New York Times

June 10, 2007

Grass Roots Roared and Immigration Plan Collapsed

WASHINGTON, Mich., June 8 "” The undoing of the immigration bill in the Senate had many players, but none more effective than angry voters like Monique Thibodeaux, who joined a nationwide campaign to derail it.

Guided by conservative Internet organizations, she made calls, sent e-mail messages to senators and pushed friends to do the same.

Organizers described a new Internet-linked national constituency that emerged among Republicans, much like the one Democrats pioneered during the 2004 presidential candidacy of Howard Dean.