The ACLU's 3 Executive Order Proposal for Obama

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The ACLU's 3 Executive Order Proposal for Obama
* NOVEMBER 6, 2008

Difficult Choices Await New President on Guantanamo, Intelligence Policies

The American Civil Liberties Union has a proposal urging Obama to issue three executive orders his first day on the job. The orders would close the Guantanamo Bay.., "cease/prohibit the use of torture/abuse" in CIA interrogations, and end the practice of sending detainees to countries that conduct harsher interrogations than are allowable under U.S. law.

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Of Course..

I fully expect the Anointed One (Some people are calling him "ZerO" - magine that!?) to work closely and cooperatively with the ACLU, the Teacher's Union, LaRAZA, the "Palestinian State", Al Quida, and all other enemies of the United States of America, foreign and domestic. He will value and act upon their advice and counsel throughout his term(s), we may be sure.

Numerous dictatorial Executive Orders are expected to pour out of the Obama Office soon after he ascends to the throne - since his party essentially owns the other two branches of government, I can't see why he would bother with running anything by them - it would just be a waste of his valuable time.

I wonder if Sharia Law can be imposed by Executive Order? We might not have to wait very long to find out.

Which one of the Bill of Rights will be executively suspended first? Probably the First - then just round up all the conservative radio talk show hosts and moderators of conservative web forums for "hate speech" and put them t work in the salt mines. Don't have any salt mines? Hand Rush Limbaugh a shovel and make him dig one.

Then the second; hand 'em all in, boys... or else!

He might save a lot of time and just suspend the whole Constitution indefinitely.... Bush could still do that if he wanted to, under existing "martial law" executive orders. There's still no guarantee that he won't between now and inauguration.

Also expected are a flood of pardons for all of the poor, oppressed black muslim Gang Bangers languishing in prisons just for being "misunderstood" and persecuted for their skin color. Why, to express his sincere regret for their unjust incarceration he'll give them uniforms, badges, M-16s and turn them loose on those demon whities as his new "Domestic Security Force". They will enjoy their work I'm sure. They get a big kick out of torturing and killing people anyway - just the talents that a good dictator needs to "enforce" his edicts on the peasantry.

Pardons for BUSH's political prisoners Ramos & Compean though?
Don't hold your breath!

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The ACLU's 3 Executive Order Proposal for Obama

while I don't disagree with most of what you list as concerns, I was hoping that burqas would be mandatory for the women.

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The ACLU's 3 Executive Order Proposal for Obama

Sharia banking is already being adopted by the Bush administration. They have little choice because so much of our money is already in Muslim countries. If we ever expect to see any of it again we have to play by their rules.

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