An accurate snapshot of Liberal/Socialists

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An accurate snapshot of Liberal/Socialists

Bernie is a lying sack of sh*t and a perfect example of the Socialist elite. He wants to redistribute the wealth except for his wealth. He buys lots of houses.

His wife seems to be a heartless, lowlife crook. She lied to get money and tried to evict disabled residents from their group home. I truly hope she is arrested for fraud and thumped about the head and shoulders for being a Russian style elite Socialist.

I know it isn't true but every Democrat/Socialist in the world should be ashamed of their political stance, their party and their own participation in the hate-filled, seething thugs they have become.

Crooked Sanders

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Ol' Bernie's not alone . .

Ol' Bernie's not alone . . the crooked media had his back right through his campaign. This story broke last summer. It made a few appearances and quickly vanished. Any media mention now is preceded with 'This story, which broke last week . . we repeat, broke last week . . or maybe two weeks ago but it's a breaking story. '

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My mother's husband who is

My mother's husband who is from Venezuela,originally and is now an American citizen (PROUD) showed me a video his sister who still lives there sent him of the rioting in the streets ...........ah if only all of those Bernie supporters could see the gloriousness of socialism at its zenith.....

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