52% of Americans view Trump favorably. UPDATE: Up to 57%. UPDATE: Now 59%

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Below 40% on the Real Clear

Below 40% on the Real Clear Politics average of polls too this morning:


To get to numbers like that some people who voted for him now don’t approve of his performance but I doubt he falls much further without some significant, unquestionable news event (not something from unnamed sources).

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Pretty damn good numbers when

Pretty damn good numbers when you consider the entire fifth column is out to get him and are willing to use any underhanded tactic to do it.

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Et tu, Rasmussen?


Only 26% of likely voters "Strongly Approve" of Trump's performance, while 49% "Strongly Disapprove."
67% of likely GOP voters believe Republicans in Congress have lost touch with their voter base, up from 51% in February.
Why it matters: The findings mark the first time Trump's overall approval rating has slid below 40% in the Rasmussen tracking report.


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