401k/IRA Screw Job Coming?

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Saving 10% of your earnings

Saving 10% of your earnings can yield impressive sums over the course of a career. Very few people defer more than that, and if you are under 50, you can put $16,500 total into a 401k this year, no matter how rich you are.

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I've never made more than

I've never made more than about 40k in my life. I have a 401k. Millions upon millions of middle-class people have 401ks. We don't need to pound sand, because the sand of your argument is dribbling between your fingers.

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Sure, opinions are important.

Sure, opinions are important. So are facts....and certain folks have a total misconception of the market, retirement accounts, and show it by ridiculous comments in their posts. I prefer to squish my toes in the sand and leave the pounding to banging the table while laughing....

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SEPs are great plans for

SEPs are great plans for self-employed folks. You can contribute to an IRA and an SEP each year. I'd like to thank the selfish lawmaker and bankers that came up with that one.


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