Still #Winning?

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Still #Winning?

An amusing analysis of Alinsky reversal. The left never thought it could happen to them.

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From the link:

From the link:

" . . Alinsky’s Rules are relatively simple, and they make sense when you are fighting a conventional opponent with an interest in maintaining the status quo. The Rules are terrific for dealing with an old-school conservative guy who drives a Buick, enjoys gardening, and doesn’t want any trouble. They aren’t so effective against conservative brawlers who like to punch, and who aren’t too fussy about whether it’s with tweets or with fists . . "

Ain't that the truth. The body politic and it's media partner continue to fight as though their rules is the rules. Trump, on my behalf, isn't playing by their rules. Hooray!

I'm reminded of a talk show caller who reasoned 'he beat the two major political parties AND the media. We don't need to understand how he did it; only that he did it.' The author at the link thinks he knows how he did it. I don't know . . could be!

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The message of the article is

The message of the article is essentially that Trump is the low-brow's wet dream. Nothing new there.

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psst.....don't look now, but

psst.....don't look now, but your napkin is stuck to your lap.

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And there's a trail of TP

And there's a trail of TP leading back to the toilet..........

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