Maine's Prevailing Wage Law

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Maine's Prevailing Wage Law

Michigan , that bastion of Liberal/Leftist/Socialists, just dumped it's Prevailing Wage Law. Maine should as well....

Fascist Law

Bruce Libby
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Unique things about this .

Unique things about this .
First the original law had nothing to do with construction work but was an offshoot of the various causes associated with the Johnson Great Society of the time.
It was an anti discrimination law.

Second it was overturned by a legislature w/out the referendum process for "the voice of the people". Which of course ,as we have seen in Maine recently, can
create problems, the people speaking can be wrong,misgided etc..

Third is there unintended consequences of not having the law ? In Maine given our issues with work force ,how would this effect projects in Maine ?
Example we save X number of dollars on a project but where do the savings end up. We build a new bridge in Maine and save money on wages but expand
medicare for the a healthy construction worker who doesn't have insurance !

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