Obama Outplays Ciritcs

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Obama Outplays Ciritcs

Remember when Clint Eastwood gave his speech to the empty chair? Well obama finally filled the empty chair with his pretty.”sharp” presidential portrait that will hang in the national gallery....The media is still gushing over it........

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The artist who painted Bozo

The artist who painted Bozo floating around in a sea of weeds is famous for including sperm in his paintings. He include a little spermatozoa swimming around in most of his paintings. He put one smack dab on Obozo's head. Look at the vein on the left side of his forehead. Tee hee.

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What? I'm an art critic?

What? I'm an art critic?

The squirming crook's is his official portrait. As such, he must have had a say and likely got what he wanted . . a puzzle. The missus', on the other hand, is the head scratcher. Michelle does have some redeeming qualities. Why did the artist stick only with ugly? And a caller to Rush likened the dress to a car cover. I see that one being quietly replaced.

And Wiley's a copycat. Bill Clinton used to embellish his work the same way.

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