Trump won't go after Hillary

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Mike G
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They convict a peon rep in

They convict a peon rep in Florida for Charity fraud and give her 5 years, but one of the greatest charity frauds The Clinton Foundation gets no notice.

The clintons get away with billion of charity fraud a peon gets five years that is actually why all lives matter

Al Amoling
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The link proposes that the best is yet to come..
Christmas and New Year in one fell swoop.

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Al, this is something I've

Al, this is something I've had in mind for a while. Sessions is playing it close to the chest.

Bruce Libby
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like to many things the

like to many things the expectation from some is immediate action .
This administration has been in office less than a year. Given all the roadblocks assembling the administration that have not helped in any regards.
While the desire to get her and others is strong,the wrong action taken prematurely does not help.

There is time while the pursuit of collusion is going on it helps Trump and sessions etc.,
one would think given all the federal laws in place,collusion would be one .It is not.

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I expect the sthtf sometime

I expect the sthtf sometime in January, after the lazy bums get off their Christmas break.
Hillary goes down in flames and Obama keeps his piehole shut for the forseeable future.


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