Idaho's share of the Pork

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Idaho's share of the Pork

I am watching a local public affairs show and they have Senator Jim Risch on. Here the news being circulated by the few devotee's of the PorkFest that exist, that Idaho is to get about a Billion in pork and that should create 17,000 jobs. Risch noted that his staff has gone through the 1073 page document repeatedly looking for 3 things, how much, when, and what are the strings.

He said flat out that his folk cannot answer those questions. He has no idea how much money the state is getting or when. Governor Jindal said something similar today about the strings.

I suspect no one really knows where the money is going or when folk will get it. I suspect Maine is in the same boat. Are you folk hearing numbers of jobs or amounts of money the state will get? If so can those making the claims produce any specific proof of what they say?

They cannot in Idaho

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Idaho's share of the Pork


Great points..... However, if you all look and listen closely, it is no longer new jobs. It's now job creation and 'saved' jobs. I can't waiit to see how those numbers inflate.

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Idaho's share of the Pork

It seems to me that the Pelosi Pork Manifesto is operating on the same principle that all political theft operates on: Everyone involved is complicit, so it behooves the Big Thieves to involve as many as possible so no one has clean hands.

If every state partakes of the theft, every state is complicit, and there is then no one left who can indict the thieves.

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Idaho's share of the Pork

Each dollar has probably been promised to at least 3 different uses.

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Idaho's share of the Pork

I am hearing close to the same numbers for Maine...a little less than a billion and 16,000 jobs. Where? Who knows!

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